Crunch Dubai 24six9

Exclusive at Signing Ceremony at24six9 Event of Founders Community of 24six9 Event happened every week in Friday if TGIF aka thanks god it’s Friday format 🙂 This Ramadan, Jamil Shinawi and Ivan Grishkin cooked something special…

AHOY 2030 Home

AHOY 2030 Home
AHOY 2030 Home

Crunch Dubai 24six9
Crunch Dubai 24six9

What is 24SIX9?

  1. 24six9 Event Time

    24six9 Event Time always available at website before event (usually it’s happen every Friday in Dubai)

  2. 1. What Makes the 24six9 Event a Noteworthy Celebration?

  3. 2. How Can You Contribute to the Time Capsule Signing for Future AHOY 2030 Home?

  4. 3. Who Will Be Joining the Ten Thousands Plus Members at the Founders Community Celebration?

  5. 4. What Can You Expect from the INCEPTION Episode 1 Event?

  6. 5. Why is the Time Capsule Signing Important for the Future of AHOY 2030 Home?

    Crunch Dubai 24six9Absolutely, here’s the updated list with the new additions:
    24six9 is a vibrant community of founders, including Jamil Shinawi, Darshan Thakkar, Gerard M Sansoni, Karim Helal, Larisa Bekasova, Olga Nayda, Aleksei Dolgikh, Osama Shawky, Aliaa Mohamed, Ayman Alashkar MSc, Nikita Starov, Sergei Ivanov, Khaled Bartawi, Mazin Gadir PhD MSc BEng PMP Prosci LSSGB EBAS Agile, Zohare Haider, and many others. Larisa Bekasova is a co-founder of Mycelium Global, alongside Eve Laws. Olga Nayda is the author of “Glocal SEO Platform 2024 |,” an international search engine optimization platform with a focus on calligraphy. Aleksei Dolgikh has signed with crunch/DUBAI – Dubai’s StartUPs and individuals. PHYZZI & Kirill Sushko have signed with their GIS for commodity trading. Maksim Mershiev is involved in biotech with Avare BioTech. Nikita Starov is associated with KinesteX AI Personal Trainer in the Digital Health Platform. Sergei Ivanov is connected to BANTgo impact2earn. Anisha Oberoi is involved with the SECRET SKIN beautytech. Alla Dynko is related to HR and womenpreneurship. Anastasia Yushkina is connected to networking. Zo Alam is involved in marketing. Meeraal Khan is associated with wedding tech. Maqbool Saleem is involved in watertech projects. Karim Helal has signed with ProTenders. Genia Xasis, PhD, is related to nonprofit work. This community is supported by AHOY and the visionary AHOY 2030 Home project, which provide the resources, guidance, and platform for these individuals to thrive and make a lasting impact on the world.

April 1, 2024


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